Unyielding Brilliance: Forging Timeless Designs in Stainless Steel

Welcome to Reimec Stainless Steel

We at Reimec Stainless Steel believe with integrity and honesty with our clients will make us reach great heights. As a team, we are partners in business with both suppliers and clients growing in succeeding together with passion and drive we should all share the fruits of labor. 

Our Specialities

Reimec Stainless Steels specializes in the designs, manufacturing, and installations of projects to suit your needs. No project is too big or too small for our company. Our work is of the highest quality. We also do maintenance on the wear and tear of products to make sure you are always on the go. We also do work anywhere outside South Africa's borders. Our clients vary from private individuals to corporate companies. Most of our work is from satisfied customers referring many of their new clients to us. Let us serve your needs.

Quality Products

Reimec is a proudly South African company. Manufacturer of stainless steel products for the food,
beverage and pharmaceutical, chemical industries. We offer our clients quality products at competitive prices. Workmanship is guaranteed.

  • Our customer's satisfaction is our priority
  • We offer timely, friendly, and quality service
  • Loyalty to our customers is very important
  • After-sales services and maintenance
  • We work for big and small companies, and all are very welcome 

Timeless Strength, Unparalleled Style